Michael Jackson Thriller Dance Scene Location In Downtown Los Angeles

The most famous dance routine ever Michael Jackson's Thriller was filmed in 1983 at this location in downtown Los Angeles, California.  The address is 3701 Union Pacific Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90023.

Here's the almost exact location of the photo above as it looks on google street view…(Note the brick walls and the rectangle on the building behind the dancers)

This is on the corner of Union Pacific Avenue and Calzona Street.


In the music video there is even a Davis Color sign to the left of Michael over his right shoulder that you can see from this angle…

There is an updated version of the Davis Color sign still in the same location and even the street light is still in place…

Click Here For Google Street View


  1. michaelsprincess@hotmail.co.uk says:

    When I was in LA last year I went and saw this.
    I am a MASSIVE Michael Jackson fan and couldnt believe I was standing in the same location used in Michael's Thriler short film

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