Freddie Mercury’s Partner Jim Hutton Died January 1, 2010

Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury’s partner died on New Year's Day 2010 from a smoking related illness at sixty years old.  Although he had AIDS, Hutton did not pass away from AIDS related complications.


Jim and Freddie met at a bar in 1984 when Freddie offered to buy him a drink, and he obliged. He didn’t recognize Freddie until his friend said, “Hey, Freddie Mercury is behind you.” Jim drank his drink and the two talked for a while, but nothing happened.  About eighteen months later, the two happened to meet again at the same bar, and Freddie once again bought Jim a drink, but this time, they got together and Jim ended up moving in the Garden Lodge with Freddie about two years later.  


When Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987, he told Jim he would understand if he left.  Jim recalls telling him, I love you, Freddie – I’m not going anywhere.”   jim nursed and cared for him, and was there when Freddie took his last breath on November 24, 1991.  Hutton himself tested positive for AIDS in 1990 but he didn't tell Mercury for nearly a year afterwards.

Hutton, also worked as a hairdresser for Freddie Mercury left his partner £500,000 as well as a plot of land at Rutland Terrace, Carlow where Hutton built a house.  He died and was buried in his native Ireland.

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