Oasis “Be Here Now” License Plate Matches The Beatles “Abbey Road” Police Car License Plate

Oasis as always has paid tribute to The Beatles.  On the album cover of their 1997 album “Be Here Now”, Oasis paid tribute to their idols in a subtle way.  Check out the license plate on the Rolls Royce in the pool SYO724F.

Oasis Be Here Now The Beatles Abbey Road SYO724F License Plate

It matches the license plate on the police van on the cover of The Beatles “Abbey Road” which is also SYO724F.

Abbey Road Album Cover The Beatles Oasis Abbey Road License Plate SYO724F

Here’s a close up of both…

Oasis Be Here Now License Plate SYO724F The Beatles Abbey Road

The Beatles Abbey Road Police Van Oasis Be Here Now SYO724F License Plate

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