Rush’s Alex Lifeson Barbie Doll Groupies & Dinosaur Toys

During the Rush, “Snakes & Arrows” tour, Alex Lifeson’s pedal board had a bunch of “Barbie Dolls” groupies holding up post-it notes written by the roadies and crew…

Alex Lifeson Barbie Dolls Rush Dinosaurs

In this photo, from left to right you can see the following sayings…”I LIKE THE DRUMMER,” “MY GRANDPA SAYS YOUR COOL,” “CAN I ROLL YOUR BONES,” “I’M A DINO-WHORE aka SUCKASAURASS,” “I WAS CONCEIVED WHILE MY DAD WAS AT A RUSH CONCERT,” “HMM ?”

Alex Lifeson Barbie Dolls Groupies Rush

Other sayings have included “I’m Not Wearing Any Panties”, “My Mom Thinks Your Hot!”, “I’m Only Doing This To Pay For College”, “Freebird!”, “I Thought ZZ Top Had Beards”, “Bass Player’s Cute! Is That His Real Nose?”, “I Golf Naked”, “Nice Dinosaurs-You Must Be A Caveman”, “If It’s Too Loud You’re Too Old”.

Alex Lifeson Peddle Board Barbue Dolls Rsuh

Alex Lifeson Rush Barbie Doll Groupies

Lifeson also puts toy Dinosaurs all around his amps and even inside the head…

   alex lifeson amp dinosaur toys   

Here’s a clip of Lifeson talking about his set-up for the tour as well as his Dinosaurs & Aquarium Amp Series.  Pretty interesting…

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