The Woman in the Room with The Who’s John Entwistle When He Died in Las Vegas

John “The Ox” Entwistle died on June 27, 2002 in Room 658 at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas the day before The Who were to kick off their 2002 North American tour.

John Entwistle The Who Death Location Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas June 27, 2016 Room 658

This claims to be one of the last photos taken of Entwistle alive in 2002.

John Entwistle 2002 Last Photo The Who Bass

According to The Clark County medical examiner, after spending the day with band, Entwistle went to bed that night at 3:00 AM with stripper and notorious groupie Alycen Rowse.

Alycen Rowse John Entwistle The Who Death Las Vegas

Rowse awoke at 10:00 AM to find Entwistle “unresponsive and cold to touch.”  A forensic toxicologist, said:

“Cocaine would not have caused death on its own. This was not cocaine poisoning. This sort of level would not have caused his death had it not been for the effects it had on his damaged heart.”

He estimated the 57 year-old Entwistle had used cocaine three to four hours before his death.

 John Entwhistle The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas The Who

John Entwistle October 9, 1944 – June 27,  2002

Entwistle’s funeral was held on July 10, 2002 at St. Edwards, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England.  Here is a photo of his band mates Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey at the funeral.

Pete Townshend Roger Daltrey The Who John Entwistle Funeral

Keith Moon Of The Who Died Here After Night Out With Paul McCartney

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