John Lennon Proclaimed That The Beatles Would Eventually Get Back Together Again In 1973

In this 1973 interview with his publicist Elliot Mintz, John Lennon proclaimed that The Beatles would reunite and get back together again.  

John Lennon 1973 on The Beatles Reuniting Get Back Together

Lennon says,

“The memories are now all fond and the wounds are healed.”

He ended the interview by saying,

“As long as we make music.”

John and Paul McCartney would meet up for the last time a year later in Los Angeles.  Click below to see the photos.

John Lennon And Paul McCartney Last Photo Together


  1. alfina911 says:

    WOW…!!! Never knew that John had made this statement back in 1973! Is there information of the exact date this statement was made? Was it during his separation from Yoko, which might have triggered the happier, pre-Yoko Beatles memory?

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