Wilco (The Album) Strange Cover Photo Location

The really strange album cover with the camel for Wilco (The Album) was shot next to the parking lot of Mader’s Restaurant in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

WIlco (The Album) cover photo location Maders Restaurant
The address is1041 North Old World 3rd Street Milwaukee, WI 53203.  Here is the google street view…
Wilco (The Album) photo location maders retaurant milwaukee wisconsin
Wilco even took the same font from Mader’s Restaurant and used it as their font for the album as well…
Wilco (The Album) Font Mader's Restaurant
Mader's Restaurant Milwaukee Wisconsin Wilco (The ALbum)
Here’s as close to the location I can get on Google street view…
Wilco (The Album) Photo Location Mader's Milwaukee

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