“The Beatles Children” John, Paul, George & Ringo’s Kids…

Combined, the members of The Beatles have a total of 10 biological children.  Here is a breakdown of The Beatles children in order of birth with an update of what they are doing now…

The Beatles Child #1

John Charles Julian Lennon – born April 8, 1963 with Cynthia Lennon

John Lennon Julian Lennon Son The Beatles Children

Julian is an English musician, songwriter, actor, and photographer.  In 1984, he enjoyed immediate success with his debut album “Valotte”  that spawned 2 top 10 hits and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. His next few albums did not do so well and in 1991  Julian left the music business for several years.  In 2010, for the 70th anniversary of his father’s birth, Lennon opened an exhibition of 35 photographs called “Timeless: The Photography of Julian Lennon

The Beatles Child #2

Zak Starkey – born September 13, 1965 with Maureen Cox

Ringo Starr Son Zack Zak Starkey The Beatles Children Kids

Zak is an English rock drummer best known as drummer for The Who where he fills the role of The Who’s original drummer and his Godfather Keith Moon.  Zak was also the third drummer for Oasis from 2004-2009.

The Beatles Child #3

Jason Starkey  – born August 19, 1967 with Maureen Cox

The Beatles Children Jason Starkey Ringo Starr Jason Starkey The Beatles Children #3 Ringo Starr

Jason worked in the music industry, becoming a road manager and drummer. He once said,

“Being Ringo Starr’s son is the biggest drag of my life. It’s a total pain.”

In 1987, Jason was fined £125 after being caught stealing a car stereo, and in 1989 appeared twice in court on drugs charges.  He now lives in London with his wife and two kids.

The Beatles Child #4

 Mary Anna McCartney  – born August 28, 1969 with Linda McCartney

Paul McCartney Children Kids The Beatles

Mary followed in the footsteps of her mother and became a professional photographer specializing in portrait and fashion photography.  Mary also runs the picture department at her father’s company, MPL Communications.  She also famously appeared on the back cover of Paul McCartney’s first solo album “McCartney” peeking out of his jacket…

Paul McCartney Solo Album Back Cover Daughter Mary Jacket

The Beatles Child #5

Lee Parkin Starkey  born November 11, 1970 with Maureen Cox

Ringo Starr Children Lee Parkin Starkey The Beatles Kids

 Lee owned a boutique in London for several years and battled a brain tumor in 1995 and 2001.  She lives in London and is currently a make-up artist and a fashion designer.  Her boyfriend is Kasabian/Beady Eye guitarist Jay Mehler with whom she had triplets.

The Beatles Child #6

Stella Nina McCartney – born September 13, 1971 with Linda McCartney

Paul McCartney Children Stella The Beatles Kids

 Stella is a renowned English fashion designer and has a line called Stella McCartney.   She has 4 children and lives in London.

The Beatles Child #7

Sean Taro Ono Lennon  – born October 9, 1975 with Yoko Ono

John Lennon Kids Sean Ono The Beatles Kids

 Sean is a musician and he is the only Beatle child born in The United States of America.  He was also born on his father’s 35th birthday.  He has released 3 solo albums and is an accomplished studio musician and producer.

The Beatles Child #8

James Louis McCartney – born September 12, 1977 with Linda McCartney

Paul McCartney Children James The Beatles Kids

James is named after his father who’s birth name is actually James Paul McCartney.  He is s musician and sculptor who released his first EP, “Available Light” on September 21, 2010.  He has played drums, guitar and has co-written songs on some of his fathers albums but has lived a relatively private life.

The Beatles Child #9

Dhani Harrison – born August 1, 1978 with Olivia Harrison

George Harrison Children Dhani The Beatles Kids

Dhani is a musician and is George Harrison’s only child.  He has a band called thenewno2 and in August 2010, Dhani teamed up with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur joined to form a new band called Fistful Of Mercy.

The Beatles Child #10

Beatrice Milly McCartney  – born October 28, 2003 with Heather Mills

Paul McCartney Children Beatrice Milly The Beatles Kids

Beatrice is just a little girl.


  1. alfina911 says:

    NICE work! I personally feel since Paul adopted Heather Louise, Linda’s daughter from previous marriage, she is by all right, a Beatle daughter. Afterall, she has been a McCartney almost all her life but the first six years.

  2. alfina911 says:

    I have to say though… There is a likelihood Paul will have more children, since he is soon to be married again to Nancy Sevall. Although her age may preclude another Beatles-slash-McCartney child.

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