John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance” 1964 Gibson J-160E Acoustic Guitar History

John Lennon’s 1964 Gibson J-160E acoustic guitar used during the recording of “Give Peace A Chance” and during John & Yoko’s bed-in has quite the history long before John drew the caricatures of him and Yoko on it to commemorate the Amsterdam and Montreal Bed-ins for Peace.

John Lennon Acoustic Guitar Gibson J-150E Bed In

John Lennon Gibson J-160E Acoustic Guitar

The guitar started off as an original Sunburst 1964 Gibson J-160E (below).  Serial #64309.

John Lennon Gibson Sunburst J 160E Original

Then in 1967, John commissioned artists Simon and Marijke Posthuma, a.k.a. The Fool who removed the pick guard and gave the guitar a psychedelic paint job for The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love” satellite broadcast.

John Lennon Painted Acoustic Gibson J-160E Guitar

Lennon then had the paint job professionally stripped and replaced the pickguard.  The last time the guitar was seen in action was during the “Bed-ins for Peace” and thats when Lennon drew the caricatures onto the guitar.

John Lennon Bed In Acoustic Guitar

The guitar complete with Lennon’s art was put on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, on loan from the Lennon Estate.

John Lennon Gibson J-160E Guitar Give Peace A Chance

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