Supernova SN2003fg Is Now An Actual “Champagne Supernova” In The Sky

This berrant type Ia supernova in the sky, first observed in 2003 and designated SN 2003fg has been nicknamed “Champagne Supernova” after the Oasis song.

sn 2003fg Champagne Supernova In The Sky Oasis

This supernova is a very special one as SN 2003fg reached two solar masses before exploding, more massive than thought possible.  The supernova occurred in some galaxy 4 million light years away.

Oasis Champagne Supernova SN2003fg In The Sky

Who would have thought that an actual supernova would be named after a song Noel Gallagher has been quoted as saying,

“Some of the lyrics were written when I was out of it.”

But then again, John Lennon had a crater on the moon named after him in 2009.

Lunar Geographic Society Designates John Lennon “Peace Crater”

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