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Guigsy’s Classic Letter Declining Participation In The Oasis “Definitely Maybe” DVD

Paul McGuigan is better known by his nickname, “Guigsy”. He was one of the four founding members and original bassist of Oasis. There are few recorded interviews with him leading Noel Gallagher to once say, “I think he’s spoken to me, and this is no word of a lie, since I was 17—thirteen years—for a total of about an hour. All he says is sweet as and alright. That’s all.” “Guigsy” quietly quit Oasis in 1999 via fax and has since avoided all calls from his former band mates.

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Jim Morrison’s Last Show With The Doors December 12, 1970 At The Warehouse New Orleans

Here’s a photo of Jim Morrison performing with The Doors for the last time on December 12, 1970. It was at the show that keyboardist Ray Manzaek said, he felt Morrison ”leave the stage” even though Morrison was still standing in front of the microphone. When his spirit returned, Morrison smashed a hole through the stage with his microphone stand ending the concert early.

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Queen’s Roger Taylor Broke Royal Mail Rules By Appearring On The Freddie Mercury Millennium Stamp

In 1999, The Royal Mail produced this controversial Freddie Mercury Millennium Stamp as part of a “Great Britons” issue.
The controversy stems from the fact that Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor appears in the background of the stamp. This is an unprecedented occurrence, since the only living people the Royal Mail is supposed to depict are members of the royal family. It must have slipped past the Queen as a spokesman for the Royal Mail said, ”every stamp is approved by the queen, including this one.”

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