Paul McCartney Adds Pittsburgh Penguins Sticker To “Red Wings” Epiphone Texan Guitar

Paul McCartney wrote and recorded the song “Yesterday” on his 1964 Acoustic Epiphone Texan Guitar.  In 1976, while WIngs was playing a concert in Detroit, Paul stuck a Detroit Red Wings sticker given to him by a fan on the guitar and it has been there ever since.  Every time Paul performs “Yesterday” live he uses “The Red Wings Guitar”.  We did a story on it…

Paul McCartney’s Acoustic Epiphone Texan WIth Detroit Red Wings Sticker

Paul McCartney Detroit Red Wings Sticker Guitar Pittsburgh Penguins

On August 18 & 19, 2010, McCartney played two sold out shows to open up a new arena for The Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.  After the first show on the 18th, Pittsburgh fans were unhappy to see McCartney playing a guitar with a sticker from their bitter rival the Red WIngs.  So the next night Penguins president Daivd Morehouse and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl convinced McCartney to add a Pittsburgh Penguins sticker.  Check it out…

Paul McCartney Pittsburgh Penguins Red WIngs Sticker Texan Guitar

Here’s a video of Paul in Piitsburgh talking about adding the sticker…

Paul McCartney Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings Guitar
Paul McCartney Pittsburgh Penguins Acoustic Guitar Detroit Red Wings

Paul McCartney Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings

Wonder what NHL Hockey team Paul is going to add next???

UPDATE: Looks like the Pittsburg Penguins sticker has been removed..This picture was tweeted by @PaulMcCartney on November 26, 2011.

Paul McCartney Pittsburg Penguins Sticker Detroit Red Wings

UPDATE 2:  Apparently the Pittsburg Penguins sticker is still there and that tweet from @PaulMcCartney was an old photo.  McCartney used the guitar for the 12 12 12 Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert and the sticker was in place.

Paul McCartney Epiphone Texan Detroit Red Wings Pittsburg Penguins Sticker

Paul McCartney’s Acoustic Epiphone Texan With Detroit Red Wings Sticker


  1. I am a HUGE fan of his and i have been since i was like 4 and now I and 16 and I am learning guitar and the guitar I want to buy is the Epiphone Texan 64' and add all the stickers, the WHOLE 9. I found this site by googling about the sticker and since he has the Penguins' sticker on there, Why not Philadelphia Flyers? When ever he does an American tour, he almost always plays in Pittsburg and Philadelphia, PA.
    Thank You

  2. Rod says:

    Gonna give him a Bruins sticker when he's playing in Rio…

    1. Habs says:

      It will ruin the guitar… Give him a Habs sticker instead! 😉 
      What? a classic of music with a classic of hockey… 

      1. DaisyCaroline says:



        "a classic of music with a classic of hockey…"

        that's what the wings sticker is for…and the penguins sticker is to make sure the guitar isn't more awesome than he is.

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