Kurt Cobain’s Height

Kurt Cobain’s height has been listed anywhere from 5″10 to 5″7 wIth most agreeing on 5″9.  Kurt had scoliosis and a spinal curvature as well as the bad posture he sang about in the song “Pennyroyal Tea“.

“I have very bad posture” – Kurt Cobain –  Pennyroyal Tea

All of this may have contributed to him looking shorter than he really was.  It’s pretty tough to get a good gauge on him as his height seems to change from photo to photo.  Here’s a few photos of Kurt standing next to Dave Grohl (6″0) and Krist Novoselic (6″7).
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Height

But here is a screenshot and video of Grohl during a Foo Fighters show talking about Kurt and using his hands he describes Kurt as little…

Kurt Cobain Height Nirvana Dave Grohl Concert

These photos of Dave standing next to Kurt at a partyseem to confirm that Kurt was closer to 5″7 – 5″8…

Kurt Cobain Height

Kurt Cobain Height Nirvana

Charles Barkley is (6″5)

Kurt Cobain Height Charles Barkley Nirvana

Kurt Cobain Looked Grungy But By All Accounts He Smelled Amazing


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    That video was fuckin! hilarious!!…I still have beer coming out of my nose.

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