Rick “DJ Double R” Rubin Was The Beastie Boys Original DJ

Super producer Rick Rubin produced the first Beastie Boys album “Licensed To Ill” for his record label Def Jam Records.  The little known fact is that he also served as their live on-stage DJ as DJ Double R most notably when they opened for Madonna on her “Like A Virgin” tour.

Rick Rubin DJ Double R The Beastie Boys Radio City Music Hall

Rubin even appears in some of The Beastie Boys early band photos.

The Beastie Early DJ Double R Rick Rubin Mike D Ad Rock MCA

Rock Rubin DJ Double R The Beastie Boys Original DJ

Rubin even appeared in the Beastie’s “Fight For Your Right” video…

Rick Rubin Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right To Party Video

The Beastie Boys eventually replaced “DJ Double R” with DJ Hurricane and also left Rick Rubin and Def Jam Records in 1987 after only one album amid claims of stealing money and not getting paid…

Beastie Boys DJ Double R Hurricane Def Jam

The Beasties went on to bigger and better things and Rick Rubin also went on to bigger things.  He did have more problems with his artists though.  Click on the link below to find out his problems with The Black Crowes.

The Black Crowes And Rick Rubin “Executive Producer” Credit Fight

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