The Beatles Iconic Jump Photo Was Rearranged For “Love” Album Logo

The BeatlesLove” album and Cirque de Soleil show both use the iconic photo of The Beatles jumping.  The Beatles jumping silhouette images are shown in the logo from left to right as Ringo StarrPaul McCartneyJohn Lennon and George Harrison.

The Beatles Love Logo Jump Photo Allerton Golf Course

Although the order from left to right on the original photo seen below is John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney.

The Beatles Love Logo Jump Photo Allerton Golf Course

Here’s a diagram of how the photo was rearranged.

The Beatles Love Rearranged Jump Photo

The photo was taken by photographer Dezo Hoffman on Monday, March 25, 1963 at Allerton Golf Course in Liverpool.

The Beatles Jumping Photos Love Show Allerton Golf Course Liverpool

Here are some alternate jump photos taken that day…

The Beatles Love Album Cover Jump Photo

The Beatles Jump Photos Alternate Shots Love Show Logo

Many people have assumed that the jump photo was taken from The BeatlesTwist & Shout” single but that photo was taken on a different day at a different location most likely Sefton Park.

The Beatles Jump Photo Love

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