What is in John Bonham Pants in This Led Zeppelin Publicity Photo?

Check out this cool Led Zeppelin publicity photo…

Led Zeppelin Publicity Photo Swan Song John Bonham Bulge

Look close…Seriously, what the hell is in John Bonham’s pants?

John Bonham Bulge Led Zeppelin Band Photo

I doubt it’s his drumsticks.  Either it was intended as a joke or John was blessed in another area besides his grand musical talent.

UPDATE 2017: John’s son Jason Bonham left us a hilarious message on our official Instagram (@feelnumbpix) in regards to the photo.  Check it out…

Jason Bonham John Bonham Led Zeppelin Bulge Photo

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  1. phrlovisoto@ig.com.br says:

    Hahahaha it´s just…a…big detail LOL.

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