The Beach Boys Dennis Wilson Was Beyond Wasted For This Good Morning America Interview

On December 5, 1980, The Beach Boys were interviewed on Good Morning America to promote their upcoming 20th year anniversary as a band. The interview didn’t go so well as Dennis Wilson was so wasted he could not even sit down. There is Dennis on the far right slumped back on the couch.

The Beach Boys Good Morning America 1980 Dennis WIlson Wasted Drunk

Please remember that this show is called “Good Morning America” and is filmed early in the morning.  Dennis is inebriated and had trouble even staying awake during the short interview segment.  Here’s a screen shot of Dennis napping on his brother Carl’s shoulder.

The Beach Boys Good Morning America Dennis Wilson Wasted Drunk

It’s actually really sad to see Dennis in this state and you can sense the frustration in the rest of the band.  Here is a very poor VHS transfer youtube clip of the entire interview.  It’s a sad trainwreck…

The Beach Boys had all sorts of internal issues, at the height of their fame Brian Wilson didn’t want to leave his house. Check it out…

Brian Wilson’s Bellagio Road House He Didn’t Want Leave


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    All I have to say is: I love the beach boys

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