The Details On Prince’s “Purple Rain” Motorcycle

Who didn’t think this motorcycle was the shit back in 1984???

Prince Purple Rain Motorcycle 1981 Honda 400A Hondamatic

Here’s the detail on the motorcycle Prince rides in the film Purple Rain and on the cover of the Purple Rain album.

The bike is a customized 1981 Hondamatic Honda CB400A.

Prince Motorcycle Purple Rain Honda 400

Prince Motorcycle Honda Hondamatic CB400 Purple Rain Bike

The motorcycle was customized by adding fairing, special handlebars and a seat with hot pink velour inserts.  Prince also added an early version of his symbol painted on a few parts on the bike.

Prince Purple Rain Motorcycle Honda 400A

Prince Purple Rain Motorcycle Symbol 1981 Honda 400A

Here an example of what a 1981 Honda CB400A Hondamatic Motorcycle looks like without being pimped out like the Prince bike…

Purple Rain Motorcycle 1981 Hondamatic 400A Honda Prince

There were three bikes used in the movie, two of them were stunt bikes and were not automatic. Prince’s actual bike from the cover of Purple Rain was revamped in 1990 and painted black and gold for the movie “Graffiti Bridge”.

Prince Graffiti Bridge Motorcycle Purple Rain Honda 400A

The original “PurpleRain/Graffiti Bridge Motorcycle” and one of the stunt bikes, still painted purple, are on display at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios.  Here is a fan photo on the “PurpleRain/Grafitti Bridge Motorcycle.”

Prince Fan Photo On Honda Motorcycle

Please send us any additional information on the motorcycles.

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  1. tommy says:

    What questions about these bikes do you have..
    I worked on them for both movies..

    1. feelnumb says:

      That\’s awesome. How did you get the gig painting Prince\’s bikes? Any info you have, I\’d love to add it to the story.


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