Super Mario Bros. Characters Named After Muscians Roy Orbison, Iggy Pop, Lemmy, Wendy O. Williams and Beethoven

The Koopalings were conceived in 1988 for Super Mario Bros. 3 by various game designers who were challenged to come up with new bosses.  Most of the Koopalings have punk hairstyles and are named after musicians.  Their names are Ludwig von Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr. and Larry Koopa.

Super Mario Kooplings Iggy Roy Lemmy Wendy

In 2009, after an 18 year hiatus The Kooplings made a return in Super Mario World on the Wii.  Here are The Kooplings next to their the musician who inspired their name and their look…

Roy Orbison – Roy Koopa

Roy Orbison Koopa Super Mario Koopalings Roy Koopa Roy Orbison Kooplings Super Mario

Iggy Pop – Iggy Koopa

Iggy Pop Iggy Koopa Koopaling Super Mario Super Mario Koopalings Iggy Pop Iggy Koopa

Lemmy Kilmister – Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy Klimister Motohead Lemmy Koopa Koopalings Super Mario Lemmy Motorhead Koopaling Super Mario Lemmy Koopa

Wendy O. WIlliams – Wendy O. Koopa

Super Mario Koopalings Wendy O. Williams Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Williams Koopalings Super Mario Wendy O. Koopa

Ludwig von Beethoven – Ludwig von Koopa

Ludwig von Beethoven Koopa Super Mario Bros. Ludwig von Koopa Beethoven Super Mario Bros.

Morton Koopa, Jr.’s name comes from actor Morton Downey Jr. yet the star on his eye is based on KISS guitarist Paul Stanley’s makeup.

Paul Stanley Morton Downey Jr. Koopa Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Kooplings Morton Koopa Jr. KISS Paul Stanley Star

Some say Larry Koopa’s name comes from Larry King but other sources claim his name come from U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr.

Larry Mullen Jr. – Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa Larry Mullen Jr. Mario Bros.

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