Despite Remarrying Flea Still Has Ex-Wife’s Name “Loesha” Tattooed On His Chest

Flea was married to Loesha Zeivar from 1985 to 1990.  Together they had one daughter, Clara Balzary, who was born in 1988.  

Flea Red Hot Chili Peppers Loesha Zeviar Ex Wife Tattoo

Flea even tattooed Loesha’s name over his heart.

Flea Ex WIfe Tattoo Loesha Red Hot Chili Peppers

Here’s a close-up.

Flea Loesha Tattoo Red Hot Chili Peppers Ex Wife

Despite getting remarried in 2005 to model Frankie Rayder, Flea still has Loesha’s name over his heart.  Here’s a photo of Flea with wife Frankie and the “Loesha” tattoo.

Flea Loesha Tattoo Frankie Rayder Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I don’t know many women that this would fly with but it looks like Flea keeps his game tight.  Taylor Hawkins and Liam Gallagher both had to cover up the names of their old flames…

Tattoo Cover Up: Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins “Hawk” Tattoo

Liam Gallagher’s Elvis Presley “TCB” Logo Tattoo

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