George Harrison Meets Bob Marley

This classic photo of George Harrison and Bob Marley was taken on July 13, 1975, backstage at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Bob Marley Meets George Harrison Backstage Roxy Los Angeles 1975

Having heard that Harrison was a fan of Marley’s music, then president of Island Records, Charley Nuccio, invited Harrison to the show to meet Marley.  When told that George Harrison was coming backstage, Marley visibly lit up and said,

Ras Beatle!!”

Here are the only other photos from this historic meeting taken by Kim Gottlieb Walker….

Bob Marley George Harrison Roxy Theatre Los Angeles CA 1975

Bob Marley George Harrison 1975 Los Angeles Roxy

© Kim Gottlieb-Walker,, all rights reserved…from the photo book, “Bob Marley and the Golden Age of Reggae”

By all accounts, they had a short five minute conversation and a mutual respect and admiration for each other.  Here’s another photo of George that night with his future wife Olivia Arias (Harrison).

George Harrison Olivia Arias Bob Marley Roxy 1975

Here’a a photo of Marley performing at the Roxy right after his historic meeting with Beatle George.

Bob Marley Roxy Theatre Los Angeles 1975 George Harrison

People have even gone so far as to take the classic photo and make it seem like Bob Marley and George Harrison actually played a show together.  It would have been pretty awesome but it never was planned or ever happened.  Check out one of the fake concert photos floating around the internet.

Bob Marley George Harrison Fake Concert Poster Lyceum 1975

R.I.P. Bob & George – “Two strong but gently souls”

Fake!!! Photo Of Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix Playing Soccer Backstage


  1. says:


    what did bob refers when said ras beatle? 


    1. Jc of Bklyn says:

      Ras Beatles means Rastafari Beatles

  2. life_in_albion says:

    Did Bob meet any of the other Beatles? I know John wanted to met him but never got round to it. Did Paul ever meet him? I don’t think Ringo was a reggae fan but Paul was/still is.

  3. Kim Gottlieb-Walker says:

    The second 2 photos (of the three backstage meeting George) I shot backstage at the Roxy in 1975. I believe Ringo also met Bob at a later Roxy gig…but I have no photos of that. The third photo shows George, Jeff Walker (then head of publicity for Island USA who arranged for them to meet and introduced them), Bob and on the far right, Charlie Nuccio, president of Island USA.

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