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George Harrison Meets Bob Marley

This classic photo of George Harrison and Bob Marley was taken on July 13, 1975, backstage at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Having heard that George was a fan of Marley’s music, the president of Island Records, Charley Nuccio, invited George to the show to meet Marley. When told that George Harrison was coming backstage, Marley visibly lit up and said, “Ras Beatle!!”

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Oasis Heaton Park Concert Refund Checks Brilliantly Became Collectors Items

After playing a show on June 4, 2009 in Manchester’s Heaton Park that was interrupted by two power outages and long delays Oasis offered a full refund to 70,000 plus fans. “Really sorry about that,” Liam Gallagher told the crowd. “This is a free gig now. Everyone will get a refund.” Noel Gallagher added: “The curfew’s 11, but we’ll play ’til they kick us off. Keep your ticket and you’ll get your money back.”

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Eddie Vedder Tribute To Howard Zinn On His Fender Telecaster Guitar

Howard Zinn was an American historian, academic, author, playwright and social activist. He met Eddie Vedder for the first time when, as Zinn said “I was sitting at home one day and the phone rang and a polite young man said ‘Mr. Zinn, my name is Eddie Vedder and I like to do an article with you for Interview Magazine, and I said OK, who are you?”

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Why Did Radiohead Thank Drew Barrymore In “The King Of Limbs” Album Credits???

In January 2010, while recording “The King Of Limbs” album Radiohead wanted to get away from the dismal English winter and relocated their studio to the Hollywood Hills for three weeks. It was rumored that the home used to record was the home of actress Drew Barrymore. Barrymore was even photographed at Radiohead’s Haiti benefit concert in Los Angeles in February 2010.

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