Poll: Best Rapper With A Number In His Name???

Quick poll to find our who is the best rapper using a number in his name.  They could be using their nicknames, street name or just using the power of numerology but the nominees in this poll are pretty strong, cast your vote and let us know what you think…

2Pac – 50 Cent – Andre 3000

Best Rapper With A Number In His Name 2Pac  Rappers With Numbers In Name 50 Cent Rappers With Numbers In Their Names Andre 3000

E-40 – KRS-One

Rappers With Numbers In Their Names Rappers WIth Numbers In Their Names KRS-One

You can also choose a write in vote, with others such as Spice1, Mack 10, MC Eigt, etc…


  1. oaresomre says:

    2Pac all day long!

  2. Anonymous says:


    KRS-One is just the guy to lead a crew

    right up to your face and diss you!!!

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