Bob Marley: All His Children & 9 Baby Mommas

Bob Marley married Rita Anderson on February 10, 1966.

Bob Marley Rita Anderson Wedding 1966 Children Kids
Rita brought a daughter into the marriage (Sharon) from a previous relationship and although not officially acknowledged so did Bob (Imani).
Bob Marley Rota Children Family Kids Baby Mommas

The Marley’s together would have four children during their marriage.  For those of you keeping score… Bob had eight more children with eight different women not including his wife Rita.  Rita also had another child (Stephanie) as a result of an affair with another man during her marriage to Bob..  Rumor has it that there are several other “unclaimed” or “forgotten” children of Bob Marley, but to the best of our knowledge this is the complete list of Bob Marley’s children and mothers.

Imani Carole Marley born May 22, 1963 (with Cheryl Murray)

Imani Carole Marley Bob Marley Cheryl Murray Children

Imani is Bob’s first born child but for reasons unknown she is not acknowledged as such on the official Bob Marley website.

Sharon Marley born November 23, 1964 (adopted by Bob)

Sharon Marley Bob Marley Kids Children Rita

Sharon was born two years before Rita married Bob to an unnamed man but Bob adopted her as his own and she is offically recognized as one of his children.

Cedella Marley born August 23, 1967 (with Rita)

Cedella Marley Bob Marley Children

Cedella is Bob and Rita’s oldest child together and she along with some her siblings were part of the group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.  Cedella who was named after Bob’s mother is a clothing designer and CEO of Tough Gong International.

David “Ziggy” Marley born October 17, 1968 (with Rita)

David Ziggy Marley Bob Marley Rita Children Kids

David Nesta “Ziggy” Marley is Bob’s oldest son and the front man of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

Stephen Marley born April 20, 1972 (with Rita)

Bob Marley Children Stephen Marley Rita

Stephen is Bob and Rita last child together and the fourth member of the band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

Robert “Robbie” Marley born May 16, 1972 (with Pat WIlliams)

Robbie Marley Bob Marley Son 1972 Pat Williams

Robbie was born less than a month after Stephen and was Bob’s first of many children not fathered by Rita.  Not much is known about his mother Pat “Lucille” Williams as Robbie was brought to live with Bob and Rita.  He is not a musician and has mostly stayed out of the spotlight as a motorcycle stunt rider.

Rohan Marley born May 19, 1972 (with Janet Hunt/Dunn)

Rohan Marley Bob Marley Children Janet Hunt Kids

Rohan was born just three days after brother Robbie and a month before brother Stephen.  Not too much is known about Rohan’s mother Janet Hunt other than the fact that Rohan was also eventually brought to live with Bob and Rita at the age of four years because Janet was not caring properly for him. Rohan attended the same school as Ziggy and Stephen, but he was a trouble maker to the point that he was sent to live with Bob’s mother Cedella Booker in Miami.  He played linebacker at “The U” (The University of Miami) and is also notorious for having five children with singer Lauren Hill.  In 2009, he co-founded Marley Coffee, an organic coffee plantation and sustainable farming business in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

Karen Marley born 1973 (with Janet Bowen)

Karen Marley Bob Marley Children Janet Bowen karen marley bob marley children

Karen, is the third biologocal daughter of Marley, she was born in England in 1973 to her mother Janet Bowen aka “Janet From England“.  Karen grew up in Jamaica with the Marley’s and attended school with Stephanie.

Stephanie Marley born in 1974 (adopted by Bob)

Stephanie Marley Bob Marley Rita Children Kids

Stephanie was born out of wedlock after Rita had an affair with a man named Ital.  Bob adopted Stephanie and accepted her as his own and she is officially recognized as one of his children.

Julian Marley born June 4, 1975 (with Lucy Pounder)

Julian Marley Bob Marley Lucy Pounder Children Julian Marley Lucy Pounder Bob Marley

Julian Marley Lucy Pounder Bob Marley Child

Julian was born in London and raised by his mother, Lucy Pounder although she did bring Julian to visit the Marley’s in Jamaica and Miami.  He is a singer, songwriter, producer and self-taught musician with three albums to his credit, most recently 2009′s Grammy-nominated album Awake.

Ky-Mani Marley born February 26, 1976 (with Anita Belnavis)

Ky-Mani Marley Anita Belnavis Bob-Marley Children Kids

Ky-Mani was born in Jamaica to Bob’s then-girlfriend Anita Belnavis, a Caribbean table tennis champion, and raised in inner-city Miami. Ky-Mani was initially more interested in sports than in making music, but that all changed when he discovered a knack for rapping and singing and released his debut album, Like Father Like Son, in 1996.

Damian Marley born July 21, 1978 (with Cindy Breakspeare)

Damian Marley Children Cindy Breakspeare Damian Marley Cindy Breakspeare Bob Marley Children

Damian Marley Bob Marley Children

Damian mother was 1976 Miss World Cindy Breakspeare and one of Bob’s most known about girlfriends.  Damian is nicknamed “Jr. Gong” after his father. and is a dancehall reggae artist and Grammy Award winner.  In 2010 he teamed up with Nas on the collaborative album Distant Relatives, which bridged the gap between dancehall and hip-hop.

Madeka Marley born May 30, 1981 (with Yvette Crichton)

Bob Marley Children Makeda Marley Yvette Bob Marley Children Yvette Crichton Makeda Marley

Makeda Jahnesta Marley was born to Yvette Crichton in 1981 in Miami mere weeks after Bob’s death. She is the singer’s youngest child, but she did not grow up with or around any of her half siblings. She attended high school and college in Pennsylvania and currently resides in the Philadelphia area.

Bob Marley Sons

“Children are wonderful. It don’t take plenty y’know. Just a nice girl who don’t take birth control. Sexual intercourse is a lovely thing”

Bob Marley

Fact: Bob Marley’s Dad Was White


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    13 total =

    11 Biological + 2 adopted

    Get your numbers straight and stop contradicting yourself brother.

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    bob marley is amazing, & his children are gorgeous,
    guys how is it gross? get overyourself

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    my name is julian but people call me juju & ju

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    kymani is a good singer & that u r a very nice man

  8. loy54 says:

    It is downright disgusting to have seen a man living such a loose life. Having unprotected sex with so many different women. He is lucky he did not get aids, or all those women and children would not be here today. Not because he was such a good musician, the truth must be told that he lived a dirty love life. He had a wife, but chose to go to bed with anyone who was willing to give it up. Nasty Rastaman. He left a curse on other rastamen, because some of them to this day is living the same life. They are married and go to bed with anyone they feel like. No wonder Rita also got in on the act also. She had her fair share of men also. So him did a give har bun and she a give him the bakery.

    1. Kim Gottlieb-Walker says:

      Bob was very responsible about taking care of ALL his children…and they all grew up to be responsible citizens in music or in businesses that respect the earth. He was a GOOD man who brought good children into this world. There was nothing disgusting about the love that was generated and sustained and inspired.

    2. CUSCUS says:

      MOY LOY U R SO RIGHT…Thats y he should not be honored as a national hero……life of nasties

  9. moy loy says:

    It is downright disgusting to have seen a man living such a loose life. Having unprotected sex with so many different women. He is lucky he did not get aids, or all those women and children would not be here today. Not because he was such a good musician, the truth must be told that he lived a dirty love life. He had a wife, but chose to go to bed with anyone who was willing to give it up. Nasty Rastaman. He left a curse on other rastamen, because some of them to this day is living the same life. They are married and go to bed with anyone they feel like. No wonder Rita also got in on the act also. She had her fair share of men also. So him did a give har bun and she a give him the bakery.

    1. rud3b0y420 says:

      the only thing down right disgusting is that he stoped more wars with his pinky and guitar then u ever will or ever have they had a open relation ship if she didnt care y the hell should u its there lives and if u think about how idiodic u sound u would realise if those woman were on birth control morning after pill abortion or n-e of that u never no who would of been born i.e kymani julien damien david all dem

      the only thing disguisting is ur judgement on i rasta man he didnt curse the rastaman people with ur closed mind did jah bless and let mankind open ur wicked ness to zion

  10. snow bunny says:

    He believed, pursued, and delivered peace and love. He accepted and loved those who were not his. He created timeless valuable messages that will echo for decades. He left behind a true family unit and they flourish because of his teachings. They are here and continue to spread his message of love and what is truly important in life. How they were brought into this world is not significant as to why they are here. Don’t judge it, embrace the results.

  11. peaceful waters says:

    I absolutely would advise against unsafe sex in this day and age but it is clear that Rita and Bob had some kind of agreement so as long as it worked for them, who the heck needs to judge anything???? Love is love is love…

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    when you become a legend creating peace and love .. against hate and judgement then talk.. until then go some where with all the negativity ppl make mistakes but we all need to embrace the love.. one love

  13. blessed love says:

    there was nothing wrong with what bob marley did he was spreading love to all who wanted love i agree with him woman should stop taking birth controls and killing the future big up to bob for getting all his wonderful childeren that i love so much including my life julian marley nuff love to the marleys,the world would be a better place if everyone was like bob marley who was not afride to love and spread his love so all who thinks that he was a nasty rastaman can go to hell cause we love him any way,blessings to jah rasta to di world

  14. bsfilterson88 says:

    I like that he and his wife took responibility of each others kids not biologically the others. Not just in name but in phyical raising. They all seem very cool and well rounded, except for Rohan – cad and a asshole. Took the best years of Lauren Hill's life with 5 kids, no marriage; then just leaves her for another woman. No wonder she's crazy.

  15. Billy24420 says:

    Bob Marley was an amazing person. He did more for peace and the freedom of his people than any other single person. He wrote and sang songs about what he believed and felt. All of you people saying he was a terrible or disgraceful person are talking out of your ass. His wife was open to having other relationships and embraced all of his children as he did hers. Stop being afraid of other cultures and try to understand them you might learn something. I bet your all angry women whose husbands have cheated on them. Maybe if u went to the gym and tightened up a little your hubby wouldn't wander. Ha

  16. Dave says:

    Bob Marley, when it comes to living loose is no different than any other rockstar. What makes him an even better person is the fact that he took the responsability to acknowledge these children as his own and not go to great lenghts to hide them like most of them would do. it's not something most people would do. instead they would run the risk of leaving their children running loose in the world and possibly hooking up with each other in the future.

  17. Carly C 1986 says:

    Bob Marley was Sent to us from above to show our world

    Happiness and love His music sends tears to my eyes to think

    1 man Could make so much Sense For All to Relate to,through music is truely LEGENDARY he showed happiness without money without greed and without predudice BOB MARLEY I love you and My childrens Children will grow up to your music *****xxx one love

  18. Abudum says:

    Bob Marley was a great musician, activist and entertainer. However, it never ceases to amaze me that those who preach the Bible the most are the main ones who live a life that contradicts it. He had more bastard children than Ray Lewis.

  19. jbonner127 says:

    Bob Marley is a great "MUSICIAN" but as a husband he is so wrong for CHEATING with all of those women and yes it is disgusting for those of you who feel differently get checked for STD's asap! im so surprised Bob Marley didnt die of AIDS but its GOD choice to take him out with cancer at the age of 36 maybe he chose that slow death to punish him for commiting adultery….

  20. nina says:

    Mr Marley sure loved the ladies, but i cant be mad at him because he helped create some lovely men. xoxoxoxo

  21. LoveRules says:

    This response is for all those who act like they're s#!+ doesn't stink. Who died and left anyone to be judge? This is the culture in the Caribbean…men have extramarital affairs. I'm just surprised he accepted Rita doing the same. Do you know the dynamics of their marriage? Maybe they agreed to have an "open" relationship. Before they were married, I once read that Rita was dating both Peter Tosh and Bob Marley simultaneously. Besides, let those without sin cast the first stone! I'm sure you have skeletons in your closets….all of the children grew up contributing positively to the world. Where's your contribution? Let the King RIP!

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    Jah in ma blood, Jah in me lyfe, jah giva dem Praiz!!

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