John Lennon Murderer Mark David Chapman’s Prison Inmate Information

Here’s Mark David Chapman inmate number 81A3860 in Attica State Prison in New York 2011 mugshot. He of course, is the a-hole that murdered John Lennon.

Mark David Chapman 2011 Mugshot Attica State Prison John Lennon

Here’s the link to the New York State Corrections Department info on Mark David Chapman.  It includes the following information…

Mark David Chapman Inmate Info Attica State Prison New York Murder John Lennon

Mark David Chapman Inmate info Attica Prison John Lennon Murder

Sometimes I just want to send him a letter and tell him what an A-hole he is.  If you feel the same way here is the address and how to make sure he gets the letter.

Attica Correctional Facility
639 Exchange St
Attica, New York 14011-0149

All mail sent to the inmate must be clearly marked with the inmate’s name and DIN (81A3860). Envelopes may include your personal letters and photographs but must not exceed 5 pages.

Even Paul McCartney bears no forgiveness on Chapman,

“I think I could pretty much forgive anyone else, but I don’t see why I’d want to forgive him. This is a guy who did something so crazy and terminal. Why should I bless him with forgiveness?” – Paul McCartney 2013

UPDATE: In May of 2012 Chapman was transferred to Wende Correctional Facility and is under protective custody against his will.  No reason was given for the transfer.  Here’s his most recent mugshot.

Mark David Chapman Mugshot 2012 Wende Correctional Facility 2012

Mark David Chapman Wende Correctional Facility John Lennon Murder

Wende Correctional Facility
3040 Wende Road
Alden, New York 14004-1187

Here’s the photo that always pisses me off!!!  John Lennon graciously signing an autograph for his soon to be murderer Mark David Chapman hours before he kills him.

John Lennon Double Fantasy Autograph December 8, 1980

Photo Credit: Paul Goresh

Here’s the album Lennon signed for him that was part of the Police evidence.

Double Fantasy Album Signed for Mark David Chapman by John Lennon December 8, 1980

R.I.P. John Winston Lennon

John Lennon’s Shooting Location Featured On Posthumous Single “Watching The Wheels”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dom Dudill Lennon is my hero. His murder was a tragedy. However, remember that the man who killed him was mentally ill and his illness was untreated. In 1980 he was experiencing delusions and ideas of reference, as well most probably as hallucinations.I usually enjoy reading your postings, but encouraging people to torment a sick man?…not v.good is it?

    1. ThaJackaL says:

      If he does ever get out I hope someone shoots him in the head. Fuck this bitch ass motherfucker who killed one of the most brilliant minds in music history! Hope he gets beat, and raped every day in prison until he dies.

  2. Slutmonger says:

    He was mentally stable with delusional tendencies im all for tormenting him

  3. exnorwegian says:

    You can’t really call this guy an a-hole…he was clearly a patsy. The people who set him up are the real murderers. This guy didn’t care for The Beatles, he was more of a Steely Dan fan.

  4. says:

    I can call him anything I want. He killed John Lennon. Anyone with that on their resume is an ASSHOLE !

  5. anonymous says:

    99% Sure this man they call Mark Chapman the one in the photo above #81a3160 is here living near Halifax NS. I have met him before buying car tires off the kijiji site . Can anyone confirm that he is out or still in prison. Is it possible that he is out and police and corrections just say he is in prison to protect everyone. Now Yes I have met and seen this person before but to pin point his exact location ??? I believe we met about the car tires in a discrete location with very little public eye at a Home depot parking lot. someone make confirmation about his real where abouts.

  6. scottg1511 says:

    why is Mark Chapman still in jail??? for killing one man?

    1. Jennie O` says:

      YOUR KIDDING RIGHT….why is he (a murderer of an innocent unprotected man) still in jail….your joking right, if not, your pathetic to be able to ask that question!!

  7. Cathy says:

    I hope that he's still in jail. He's deprived the world of one of it's greatest songwriter's. Imagine.

  8. gypsy says:

    John Lennon was a revolutionary. Not only did he change music, he encouraged a movement and changed history. The reason Mark Chapman is in prison is because he is a murdering son of a bitch. Justice was served. I don't recommend sending him letters, as that would make him think he's important. Don't waste your ink or stamps. I'm glad Justice was and is still being served. Losing John was a terrible tragedy and I'm sure others may think he was an asshole but remember, he was only human.

  9. billyferguson200 says:

    murk chipmun.? can’t remember ?.Sure remember John Winston Ono Lennon.

  10. John says:

    "Give Peace A Chance."

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