Foo Fighters Chris Shiflett’s Ace Frehley Guitar Sticker loves Stickers On Instruments. So we had to do a post when Foo Fighters Chris Shiflett recently busted out a Gibson Les Paul with a Kiss Ace Frehley sticker on it.  Check it out…

Chris Shifflett Ace Frehley Kiss Guitar Sticker Les Paul Foo Fighters

Here’s a close up of the guitar with the sticker.

Ace Frehley Sticker Chris Shiflett Foo Fighters Les Paul

Here’s the Frehley sticker.

Ace Frehley Sticker Foo FIghters Kiss Chris Shiflett

The Foo’s must love Kiss, check out Dave Grohl wearing his favorite Gene Simmons Kiss shirt!!!


Here’s Grohl with Paul Stanley at the 2006 VH1 Rock Honors in Las Vegas.

Dave Grohl Paul Stanley Kiss Foo Fighters

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