WTF??? Paul McCartney Is The Only Beatle Without A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Beatles as well as individual members John LennonGeorge Harrison and Ringo Starr have received stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Paul McCartney for some reason is the lone exception who has yet to receive a star. Here’s a breakdown of the stars…

John Lennon – star # 1,877 – Ceremony – September 30, 1988

Location – 1750 N. Vine Street

John Lennon Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Beatles – star # ???? – Ceremony – December 25, 1988

Location – 7080 Hollywood Blvd.

The Beatles Star Hollywood Walk Of Fame

George Harrison -star # 2,382 – Ceremony – April 4, 2009

Location – 1750 N. Vine Street

George Harrison Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Ringo Starr – star # 2,401 – Ceremony – February 9, 2010

Location – 1750 N. Vine Street

Ringo Starr Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Apparently Paul McCartney’s star has long been approved but he has yet to set a date for his dedication ceremony, though he has been approached about it..  Paul’s “future” star will eventually be located next to his Beatle band mates in front of the Capitol Records building.  There’s gotta be more to this story…


Paul McCartney finally got his star!!!

Paul McCartney Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony Star The Beatles Vince Street

Paul McCartney – star # 2,460 – Ceremony – February 9, 2012

Location – 1750 N. Vine Street

Paul McCartney Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star The Beatles

All 4 Beatles now have a star and it’s all complete. photo via: feelnumpix on instagram

Who’s The Mystery iPhone Photographer At George Harrison’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony?


  1. says:

    It would appear to me that Paul is putting himself off to be last this time around. He is waiting until all his Beatles Brothers are honored before he would accept a star for himself.

  2. AlfinaHawaii says:

    Paul, I believe, was first nominated in 1991, which is only three years after the Late John was awarded a star. The nomination ‘lapsed’ in 1998 because Paul was not able to schedule personal appearance at the Presentation Ceremony – which I agree, sounds corny, considering Paul has a house in Arizona, and as a matter of fact was able to appear at George’s unveiling ceremony.

    DEFINITELY, he is waiting for all his Beatles Brothers to be awarded first, before he would accept a Hollywood star himself.

  3. AlfinaHawaii says:

    Does anyone else think The Beatles’ star needs rejuvenating? It is already cracked in more than one places.

  4. Apocalypso says:

    Paul had a hissy fit and didn't join the Beatles when the group was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. He then figuratively flips the board the bird when finally inducted as a solo artist years later by asking his daughter to come to the stage, who is wearing a "it's about f***ing time!" tshirt.

    No, this is one arrogant a**hole. I say no show, no star.

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