The Beatles Abbey Road Back Cover “Paul Is Dead” Clue

I’ve been wanting to start a “Paul Is Dead” section of for quite a bit now.  Here is our first story on clues to Paul McCartney’s supposed death in 1966.

Here is the back cover of The Beatles album Abbey Road.

The Beatles Abbey Road Paul Is Dead 3 Beatles Clue

If you connect the dots to the left of where it says Beatles it makes a number 3.  As is there are only 3 Beatles alive.

Paul Is Dead The Beatles Abbey Road 3 Beatles

More clues of Paul’s demise to follow in the Paul Is Dead Section.

Paul Is Dead Clues



  1. Anonymous says:

    ehh that's a stretch. he could be buried inside that wall too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    but he isn't/wasn't dead so it seems a waste to go on with it.

  3. AlfinaHawaii says:

    Come on… we KNOW that’s one heck of a stretch.

  4. sgman67 says:

    The “clue” on Abbey Road was that he was barefoot in the street crossing shot on the front, and in some religions you must be buried barefoot. Never saw or heard of the #3 clue

  5. Ukeylad says:

    The “clue” on Abbey Road is the whole front cover showing a funeral procession surely? John dressed all in white leads as the preacher; Ringo in black as the undertaker; George in denimn as the gravedigger and Paul as the barefoot corpse. They must’ve known this was going to be their last or studio album and the funeral isn’t just for Paul, its the death of The Beatles!

  6. blankend says:

    Notice the crack the runs through the S in BEATLES. It supposedly represents the impending breakup.

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