What Book Is Bob Dylan Holding In This Album Cover?

What book is Bob Dylan holding on the cover of this 1967 greatest hits album from CBS Records?

Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Album Cover Holding Book

You can only see the back cover and can’t see any visible text.  Any help would be great, we will give you a shout out on feelnumb.com if you know.


feelnumb.com reader Jan Fjeldal from Norway let us know that the book Dylan is holding in this photo is “Flemish Painting from Bosch to Rubens” published in 1958 by Jacques Lassaigne.

Bob Dylan Book Flemish Painting From Bosch To Ruebens

The photo was taken by Jerry Schatzberg around 1965-66.  Here is another photo from the session.

Bob DYlan Book Flemish Painting Jerry Schatzberg

Thanks again Jan.

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