The MC5 Kick Out The Jams Album & “F*#k Hudson’s” Ad Controversy

When MC5 released their classic debut album, “Kick Out The Jams“, the album was banned by Hudson’s Department Store (who were based in their hometown of Detroit) due to obscene lyrics.  Hudson’s refused to deal with the uncensored album, with it’s opening command, “Kick Out The Jam’s, Motherfuckers!”.

MC5 Kick Out The James Fuck Hudson's Ad

MC5 responded to the ban by publishing an ad in the underground magazine Fifth Estate and in The Ann Arbor Argus that said,

KICK OUT THE JAM’S, MOTHERFUCKER! and kick in the door if the store won’t sell you the album on Elektra.


MC5 Kick Out The Jams Ann Arbor Argus Fifth Estate Fuck Hudson's Ad

Hudson’s responded by pulling all Elektra records from their stores and in turn Elektra dropped the band from their contract on account that “The MC5” were too political and confrontational. MC5 then signed with Atlantic Records and the band that should have been huge slowly started to come apart and dismantle.

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