Oasis Definitely Maybe Photo On The Masterplan Album Cover

The concept behind the album cover for Oasis‘ B-side album The Masterplan was to have a young looking Noel Gallagher in front of a classroom teaching a bunch of old geezers music.

Oasis The Masterplan Chalkboard Album Cover

Two things really stand out to me on this album cover.  First, is that the musical notation on the blackboard is the correct score for the song “The Masterplan“.  Nice attention to detail.

Oasis The Masterplan Chalkboard Music Notes

Second, is that the cover to Oasis‘ debut album “Definitely Maybe” is hidden within the photograph.  Here’s a close-up.

Oasis The Masterplan Album Cover Definitely Maybe

The Definitely Maybe album cover must have been photoshopped into the picture because the original photos from the session show a picture of John Lennon and Star Wars instead.

Oasis The Masterplan Album Cover John Lennon

Here’s a close-up…

Oasis The Masterplan John Lennon Star Wars Definitely Maybe

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