Elvis Presley Featuring: Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Page, Noel Gallagher, Keith Moon, Sheryl Crow & Stevie Wonder

In 2006, this commercial below was made for BBC Radio 2 showing Elvis Presley on stage introducing his backing band.  Elvis then introduces, Marvin Gaye (singer), Jimmy Page (lead guitar), Noel Gallagher (rhythm guitar), Keith Moon (drums), Sheryl Crow (bass) and Stevie Wonder (piano).  The tag line was “What a line up”, in reference to the music played by Radio 2.  Check it out…

I wanted to know where the footage of each individual artist came from so after some research, here is a breakdown and a picture of each performer used in the commercial…

Elvis – 1973 concert, Aloha from Hawaii.

Elvis Aloha Hawaii 1973 BBC Radio 2 Commercial

Marvin Gaye – Live in Montreux, 1980

Marvin Gaye Live In Montreux 1980 BBC Elvis

Jimmy Page – Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Concert , 1988

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Atlantic 40th Anniversary Concert Elvis BBC Commercial

Noel GallagherThe Who and Friends at the Royal Albert Hall, 2003

Noel Gallagher The Who And Friends Concert Elvis BBC Commercial

Keith Moon –  The Who Charlton BBC Concert, 1974

Keith Moon The Who Charlton 1974 Elvis BBC Commercial

Sheryl Crow – The Grammy Awards, 2003

Sheryl Crow Grammy Awards 2003 Elvis BBC Commercial

Stevie Wonder – Sesame Street 1973

Stevie Wonder Sesame Street 1973 Elvis BBC Commercial

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