Muse’ Matthew Bellamy Is A Second Generation Rock Star

George Bellamy, the father of Matthew Bellamy from Muse not only looks just like his son but they both played guitar in successful British bands.

Matthew Bellamy Father George The Tornados Musician Muse Band

Matthew Bellamy George Bellamy Muse The Tornados Father

The elder Bellamy was the rhythm guitarist for a band was called The Tornados.  They were the first British group to have a U.S. #1. single with their instrumental song “Telstar” in 1962.

George Bellamy The Tornados Muse Matt

Bellamy Sr. retired from The Tornados because of a severe back problem.  The song “Telstar” sounds like a cool instrumental but I’m not quite sure how this reached #1 worldwide.  It does have a Muse sound to it, check it out…

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