Iggy Pop’s “The Idiot” & David Bowie’s “Heroes” Album Cover Photos Were Inspired By The Same Painting

Iggy Pop released the album “The Idiot” produced by David Bowie on March 18, 1977.  Here is the album cover.

Iggy Pop David Bowie The Idiot Heroes Album Covers

Six months later David Bowie released the album “Heroes” on October 14, 1977.  Here is the album cover.

David Bowie Heroes Iggy Pop The Idiot

Look familiar???  Yes, both album cover photos were inspired by this 1917 painting named Roquairol by German artist Erich Heckel.

Erich Heckel Roquairol David Bowie Iggy Pop

Bowie was asked if both covers were an allusion to Heckel’s Raquairol, to which he agreed and added,

Heckel’s Roquairol and also his print from 1910 or thereabouts called Young Man was a major influence on me as a painter.”

Below is Heckel’s Young Man painting that Bowie spoke of…

Erich Heckel Young Man David Bowie Iggy Pop

 Art & Music always go hand in hand…

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