David Lee Roth Playing Guitar

We did a story before about how strange it is to see Anthony Kiedis Playing Guitar live on stage.  This one is just as strange, check out David Lee Roth in the prime Van Halen days playing the guitar.

David Lee Roth Van Halen Playing Guitar

David Lee Roth Playing Guitar Van Halen

The fret board on his glitter guitar even says “Diamond Dave“.

David Lee Roth Playing Guitar Live Van Halen

Here’s a video of Diamond Dave playing “Ice Cream Man” live in 1982.  Let me tell you, it sure takes some brass balls to even pick up a guitar with Eddie Van Halen on stage right next to you.

Finally, here’s a really old photo I came across of Roth playing an acoustic guitar.

David Lee Roth Guitar Van Halen

Click the link below to check out Ringo Starr playing the guitar as well…

Ringo Starr Playing The Guitar


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