Dave Grohl’s Cameo Appearance On The X-Files

Dave Grohl made a super quick 3 second cameo appearance on a Season 3 X-Files episode that aired on February 23, 1996.  His cameo is about twenty minutes into episode #17 titled “Pusher“.  Grohl is shown walking through the lobby of the United States Bureau of Investigation with his now ex-wife Jennifer Youngblood.  Get it???  X-Wife – X-Files.

Here’s the screen caps, check it out…

Dave Grohl The X-Files Season 3 Episode 17 Pusher

Dave Grohl The X-Files Pusher Episode

Grohl even has the 3 second cameo listed on his imdb page.

Dave Grohl imdb The X-FilesAnd finally here is Grohl talking about his very short appearance on The X-Files…

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