The Beatles Infamous “Butcher Cover” Photo Session And Alternate Shots

On March 25, 1966, The Beatles took the photos that would become their most controversial photos ever taken.  The infamous “Butcher Photo Session” would later provide the short-lived album cover for The Beatles US release of “Yesterday And Today” before they were destroyed and or pasted over.

The Beatles Yesterday and Today Butcher Cover Photo

The Beatles‘ photographer Robert Whitaker called these photos “A Somnambulant Adventure“.  The Beatles are featured wearing white coats and draped with dismembered baby doll parts, false teeth and slabs of meat.  Here are some alternate photos from the session…

The Beatles Butcher Cover Alternate Photo

The Beatles Butcher Cover Alternate Photo Session

The Beatles Butcher Cover Album Session Alternate Photos

Here’s the actual photo used for the botched album cover…

The Beatles Butcher Cover Photo Session Alternate Photos

The Beatles had grown tired of the same old photo shoots so they played along with concept and the photographer.  The photos were not originally intended as an album cover but The Beatles submitted photographs from the session to be used for their promotional material.  Why Capitol Records chose this as an album cover only to back track is beyond me.

Here’s two pretty cool shots of The Beatles before the white coats and the raw meat.

The Beatles Butcher Cover Alternate Photo Shots

The Beatles Butcher Album Cover Photo Shoot

George Harrison was later quoted as saying that he thought,

“the whole idea was gross, and I also thought it was stupid. Sometimes we all did stupid things thinking it was cool and hip when it was naïve and dumb; and that was one of them.”

Check out the awesome “Abbey Road” alternate shots…

The Beatles “Abbey Road” Photo Shoot Alternate Shots

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