Who’s Fingers Are On The AC/DC “Let There Be Rock” Album Cover???

The cover of the Australian version of the 1977 AC/DC album “Let There Be Rock” features a close-up of fingers on a guitar fretboard.  AC/DC’s  five previous albums had been cartoon animation type covers and the band felt they needed to be taken more serious as a band.

AC/DC Let There Be Rock Album Cover Chris Turner Buffalo

The only problem was that when it came time for photographer Colin Stead to shoot the photo for the album cover AC/DC was overseas touring so Angus and Malcolm Young were not available.  So who’s fingers are featured on the album cover???

In their absence the photographer called a local guitarist Chris Turner (Buffalo, Rose Tattoo) to come down to the studio and asked him if he could “do a run up the neck of the guitar?”,  Turner said,

“So we did the shot and lo and behold, it came out on the cover.”

Here is a photo of Chris Turner and his fingers.

Chris Turner AC/DC Let The Be Rock Album Cover

Apparently, the Young’s hated the album cover because they thought it looked like a “serious guitar tutor record”, so the cover was changed for all other releases.  Turner said,

“I did hear later on that Angus said you can tell they’re Turner’s fingers because they’re fat!  Angus and Malcolm have got really skinny fingers, so I took that in the light-hearted way it was intended”.

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