The Voice Actors That Played The Beatles In “Yellow Submarine”

When The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” animated film was in production, there had been discussions about having each Beatle voice his own character but The Beatles had a lot going on at the time and it proved impossible to get all four into the studio together for the recording sessions.  In order to fulfill their contractual agreement to actually appear in the film, the real (non-animated) Beatles participated only in the closing scene.

Ringo Starr has since expressed that one of his greatest regrets with The Beatles was not voicing his own character in the film.  In case you ever wondered, here are the actors that voiced the “Yellow Submarine” Beatles

Ringo Starr – Voiced by Paul Angelis

Ringo Starr Yellow Submarine Character Voice Paul Angelis

John Lennon – Voiced by John Clive

John Clive John Lennon Voice Yellow Submarine Voice Character

Paul McCartney – Voiced by Geoffrey Hughes

Paul McCartney Yellow Submarine Character Voice Geoffrey Hughes

George Harrison – Voiced by Peter Batten

George Harrison Voice Yellow Submarine Peter Batten

Apparently the press wasn’t told that voice artists had been used to do The Beatles‘ voices as Variety (July 24, 1968) announced to the world that, “The Beatles’ voices are instantly recognizable as their own.”  None of The Beatles were pleased with the voices chosen to represent them, but they all loved the rest of the film.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Characters Were Based Off Of Their Look In “Strawberry Fields Forever” Promo Video

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