Tattoo Cover Up: Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins “Hawk” Tattoo

Here’s a “public service announcement” from a Foo Fighter.   Don’t ever tattoo the name of a boyfriend/girlfriend on your body.  A lesson Taylor Hawkins learned when he tattooed the name of his ex-girlfirend “Mimi” on his left arm.

Taylor Hawkins Mimi Tattoo Hawk Logo Foo Fighters

Unlike Flea who despite remarrying left the tattoo of his ex-wife “Loesha” on his chest, Hawkins was quick to cover up his blunder.

Taylor Hawkins Mimi Tattoo Dave Grohl Foo Fighters

But you can’t use Dave Grohl and a Sharpie to cover it up forever, so Hawkins had the tattoo pemanetly covered up by his “Hawk” tattoo.

Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters Tattoo Mimi Hawk

Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters Hawk Tattoo Cover Mimi Tattoo

The “Hawk” which is an obvious nickname for Hawkins has become his pseudo logo. It is used as the logo of his solo project Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders.

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Rider Hawk Tattoo Logo

And it also graces some of his drum kits with the Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins Hawk Tattoo Logo Foo Fighters Drummer

Think before you ink…

Taylow Hawkins Hawk Tattoo Foo Fighters Mimi Anothony Kiedis

Liam Gallagher also had to cover up a tattoo of his ex-wife Patsy Kensit.  Click below…

Liam Gallagher’s Elvis Presley “TCB” Logo Tattoo

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