“Nirvana’s Popstar” Kurt Cobain Included In Brazil Hang Gliding Flyer

Nirvana played the “Hollywood Rock Festival” in São Paulo (January 16, 1993) and Rio de Janeiro (January 23, 1993) Brazil.  The band had plenty of time for extra curricular activities on this trip including booking a recording sessions, doing some sight seeing and Kurt Cobain even got in some hang gliding on January 18 in Rio de Janeiro.

Kurt Cobain Hang Gliding Brazil 1993 Nirvana

The hang gliding company Floresta Tours even used a photo of “Nirvana’s PopstarKurt Cobain on its promotional flyer. Check it out…

Kurt Cobain Hang Gliding Floresta Tour 1993 Brazil Nirvana

Kurt Cobain Hang Gliding Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1993

At least Kurt got out and had some fun in Brazil, as this wasn’t the best of times in his addiction as you can see in this photo below on the balcony of the Hotel Intercontinental in Brazil.

Kurt Cobain Hotel Intercontinental Brazil 1993 Nirvana

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