The Stone Roses Bass Guitarist Mani’s “Toby Jug” Collection On Amp

We previously did a story on Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson’s Barbie Doll Groupies & Dinosaur Toys on his amps and pedal boards.  The Stone Roses have reunited and are playing massive sold-out shows in the UK.   Bass guitarist Mani has unveiled quite a “Toby Jug” collection on the top of his amps.  Check it out…

The Stone Roses Mani Toby Jug Mug Collection Bass Amp

I’m really surprised they haven’t vibrated right off of the amps.  Here’s a shot with Mani, Ian Brown and the creepy “Toby Jugs“…

Stone Roses Mani Toby Jug Mug Ian Brown Heaton Park

A “Toby Jug” –  is a pottery jug in the form of a seated person, or the head of a recognizable person (often an English king). Typically the seated figure is a heavily-set, jovial man holding a mug of beer in one hand and a pipe of tobacco in the other and wearing 18th century attire: a long coat and a tricorn hat.  My favorite of Mani’sToby Jugs” is the London Bobby jug modeled after the police.  Check it out…

Mani The Stone Roses Toby Jugs Mugs Collection On Amp

I never knew much about “Toby Jugs” but there is actually an American Toby Jug Museum in Evanston, Illinois and it looks pretty cool.  I  haven’t found an explanation from Mani yet about his collection but rock stars are a strange breed.  Click below to check out Alex Lifeson’s Barbie Groupies.

Rush’s Alex Lifeson Barbie Doll Groupies & Dinosaur Toys

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