Dave Grohl Not Kurt Cobain Was Thanked On Hole’s “Live Through This” Album

Dave Grohl and Courtney Love are now mortal enemies but it was Grohl who introduced Courtney to her future husband Kurt Cobain.  Grohl was even one of the 8 guests who attended Kurt and Courtney’s wedding.  With all the hate between these two, it’s funny that Dave Grohl is thanked on Hole’s biggest album 1994’s “Live Through This“.

Check it out…

Hole Live Through This Thank Yous Dave Grohl Courtney Love

Live Through This” was released only four days after Kurt Cobain was found dead and although Cobain contributed background vocals on the track “Asking For It” he was not credited and was not thanked on the album.  So why was DG thanked???

Apparently, the thank you to Dave Grohl is not a thank you for introducing Courtney to Kurt but rather it was from Hole drummer Patty Schemel for lending her some snare drums to use in the studio.  What a guy!!!

Dave Grohl Was One Of Eight Guests At Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love’s Hawaiian Wedding

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