The Microphones Featured On The Cover Of The Beatles “Let It Be” Album???

The album cover of The BeatlesLet It Be” features four individual square photos of each member of the band taken from the “Get Back” sessions.  No instruments are featured on the cover but both the John Lennon and Paul McCartney photos have microphones in the frame.

The Beatles Let It Be Album Cover Microphones

Here’s the full shot of the John Lennon that was used for the album cover.

John Lennon The Beatles Let It Be Album Cover Microphone

After doing some research and asking questions on vintage gear sites, the microphone John Lennon is using on the album cover is a Neumann KM56 microphone with a Z-100 windscreen.

John Lennon Neumann KM56 Microphone Let It Be Album Cover

Here is the full shot of the Paul McCartney photo used on the album cover.  The microphone in his photo is still a complete mystery because  of the foam windscreen and the white tape used to secure it to the mic stand.

Paul McCartney Let It Be Album Cover The Beatles Microphone

Here’s another photo of the McCartney microphone this time being used by John Lennon

John Lennon Paul McCartney Let It Be Album Cover Microphone

Anyone have any clue what mic this is???  Leave a comment if you know…


  1. somethingethereal says:

    Maybe an AKG C60 wrapped up but I'm not sure because of the microphone clip… does anyone have a copy of Recording The Beatles?

    I'm sure the answer would be in there!

  2. sekta77 says:

    AKG C28

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