The Who “The Kids Are Alright” Photo Location

“The Kids Are Alright” is a 1979 rockumentary film and soundtrack album by The Who. The iconic photo used for both the film and soundtrack shows the members of The Who sleeping against a wall, draped with a giant British “Union Jack” Flag.

The Kids Are Alright The Who Photo Location Carl Schurz Monument

Despite prominent use of the British “Union Jack”, the photo was actually taken in the United States of America.  The band was photographed in New York City at the Carl Schurz Monument located on 116th Street and Morningside Drive in Morningside Heights, New York City.

Carl Schurz Monument The Who The Kids Are Alright Photo Location

The photo was taken in 1968 by photographer Art Kane.  Here are a few cool alternate takes from the photo shoot that show more of the monument.

The Who The Kids Are Alright Schurz Monument Park New York

The Who The Kids Are Alright Photo Location New York

Even The Who posted this story on their official Facebook

The Who Official Facebook The Kids Are Alright

Sticking with the “The Kids Are Alright” topic, remember this ad for the movie???

Pete Townshend “This Guitar Has Seconds To Live” The Who Ad

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