Jim Morrison’s Eerie Church Photos Frankfurt, Germany 1968

I recently came across this amazing photo of Jim Morrison standing at a church pulpit and thought I would do a little research on it.

Jim Morrison Church Pulpit Alten Nikolaikirche 1968 Frankfurt Germany

The photo was taken on September 14, 1968 at the 800 year-old former chapel of the city council Alte Nikolaikirche (Saint Nicholas) in Romer Square, Frankfurt, Germany.  The Doors were in town to perform outdoors for a German TV show and while strolling around Frankfurt’s old town, Morrison found the door to the church open and took a few photos including this one standing at the altar.

Jim Morrison Frankfurt Germany Church Alten Nikolaikirche September 14, 1968

Here is what the altar looks like today.

Alte Nikolaikirche Windows Jim Morrison Frankfurt Germany Church

Morrison also had his photo taken in front of the 15th century gravestone of the first mayor of Frankfurt, Siegrfired zum Paradies.

Jim Morrison Church Photos Alte Nikolaikirche The Doors

Here is a close-up of the gravestone behind Morrison.

Siegrfired zum Paradies Gravestone Jim Morrison The Doors

Here’s a great photo of Morrison right outside of the church…

Jim Morrison church Alte Nikolaikirche Saint Nicholas Frankfurt Germany

The Doors Frankfurt Germany 1968 Romer Square Jim Morrison Church

Here is the video of The Doors performing (miming) their latest single “Hello, I Love You” in Romer Square right outside the church.

Jim Morrison’s Last Show With The Doors December 12, 1970 At The Warehouse New Orleans

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