Another Paul Is Dead Clue: Magical Mystery Tour Hidden Message “Love The 3 Beatles”

We have a little “Paul Is Dead” section on with a breakdown of some of the alleged clues of Paul McCartney’s death in 1966.  Here’s another one.

In The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour film, as the group performs “I Am the Walrus” in the outdoors, there are several clues to his death.  On page “13” of the Magical Mystery Tour album insert there is a photo of McCartney playing bass in his socks with his pair of bloody shoes next to him, which of course signifies death.

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Booklet Paul McCartney Love 3 Beatles

In the same photo Ringo Starr’s drumhead also has a little hidden message.  It reads “Love the 3 Beatles“.  Implying of course, that there are only three surviving members of The Beatles.

Paul McCartney Dead Love The 3 Beatles I Am The Walrus Drums

Here’s our photoshop version to make the hidden message a bit clearer.

Love The 3 Beatles Drum Head Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour I Am The Walrus Love The 3 Beatles

The only other time I remember seeing Ringo play that drum kit was on the June 25, 1967, One World “All You Need Is Love” live Satellite broadcast for over 400 million people in 26 countries around the world.  Great time to clue the world into the “death” of Paul McCartney.

The Beatles One World 1967 All You Need Is Love Live – PAUL IS DEAD SECTION

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