The Police “Ghost In The Machine” Hidden 666 On Album Cover

The cover art for the 1981 The Police album “Ghost in the Machine” features a seven-segment display-inspired graphic that is supposed to depict the heads of the three band members.

The Police Ghost In The Machine Album Cover 666 Hidden Message Meaning

From left to right, each figure has a distinctive hair style Andy SummersSting with spiky hair, and Stewart Copeland with a fringe.  Here is each member of The Police behind his seven-segment digital display taken from the Ghost In The Machine ’81 ’82 Tour program.

The Police 1981 Ghost In The Machine Tour Program 666

The image when reversed or looked at in the mirror seems to show a hidden 666 “The Number of The Beast” in the graphic.  Check out the exclusive animation of the album covers hidden message.

the police ghost in the machine hidden 666

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The Police Ghost In The Machine 666 Hidden Message

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