Latest Rock Star Injury – Matthew Bellamy Of Muse Shares His Broken Foot X-Ray

Layne Staley’s broken foot X-Ray once became an Alice In Chains Tour Shirt,  Jack White once posted His Gory Finger Surgery Video online.  The latest rock star injury update comes from Matthew Bellamy of Muse, on November 29, 2012 in the midst of a tour, he sent out this tweet.

Matt Bellamy Muse Broken Foot X-Ray

Like Staley and White, Bellamy included evidence of his injury by posting this X-Ray photo of his broken foot in the tweet.

Matt Bellamy Muse Broken Foot X-Ray

He didn’t specify how he broke the foot but he included this photo of himself on crutches and broke the news of some tour dates being cancelled.

Matt Bellamy Crutches Muse Broken Foot

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