Was Kurt Cobain A Washington State Cougar Fan???

Kurt Cobain lived almost his entire life in the state of Washington, he was born in the coastal town of Aberdeen and later moved to Seattle.  Kurt never stated his preference between the rival state universities Washington Huskies or the Washington State Cougars but we did come across this photo of him wearing a Washington State University (WSU) “Tri Delt” DAD sweatshirt live in concert on November 16, 1991 at Teatro Verdi, Muggia, Italy.

Kurt Cobain WSU Washington State Cougars 1991 Nirvana


Washington State University is located in the city of Pullman which is almost 300 miles away from Seattle.  Cobain wasn’t a sports fan, he dropped out of high school and didn’t attend college and wasn’t a “DAD” to a student at WSU, so I can safely assume that this shirt was probably a thrift store pick-up.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Washington State WSU Cougars Dad 1991

Kurt also wore the sweatshirt a month earlier at the Nirvana “Nevermindrecord release party on September 13, 1991.

Kurt Cobain Washington State Cougars WSU DAD Sweatshirt Nirvana

Kurt Cobain Washington State Cougars WSU Tri Delt

Cougar fan or not, it’s pretty awesome bragging rights for WSU Alumni and fans.

Kurt Cobain Hanging From Seattle Space Needle Photo

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